UNO Power Grab

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  • Players:2 - 6
  • Age:7 years
  • Duration:30 minutes

Use the power towers to fend off actions and sabotage other players!

Game description

The rules of UNO Power are very similar to the classic UNO card game. In addition, there are new power towers with the help of which the player can repel or sabotage the action cards of the other players. If a player has all 4 power towers, he may discard all his hand cards with one and call UNO!

The power cards

For each of the 4 power towers U, N, O and ! there are also the corresponding power cards. If a player places a power card, he can take the corresponding tower (or several). He may do so even if the tower already belongs to another player. He is then protected against the action shown on the power tower.

The Power Towers

U: Protects against the „Draw 1“ card

N: Protects against the „Draw 2“ card

O: Protects against the „Draw 4“ colour selection card

!: Protects against the „suspend“ card

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