UNO game variants

There are also several game variations for the card game UNO, both official and unofficial. Some of them are briefly introduced here.


If a player has two cards of the same suit and number in his hand, he may discard them together. However, this does not apply to the +2 and +4 cards. These must still be discarded one after the other.


If a player affected by a +2 card is allowed to draw such a card himself, this is allowed and the next player after him must now draw 4 cards. If this player also has a +2 card, this is also allowed. The same applies accordingly to +4 cards. However, the cards may not be combined.


If a player has exactly the same card in his hand that was just played (same suit and number), he can discard it immediately – even if it is not his turn. However, the round continues with the player whose turn it would normally have been.


Teams are formed in which the team players sit opposite each other. If one of the team players wins the round, the whole team increases the victory. The points of the other team players are counted as penalty points for the respective team.


Anyone who misses his bet must draw a penalty card.

Seven-O (seven-zero)

If a zero is played, each player must pass his complete hand to his neighbor in clockwise direction. If, on the other hand, a seven is played, this player may trade his complete hand with another player of his choice.

Penalty points

This game variant reverses the actual game. Not whoever reaches a certain number of points first wins, but loses the game. The maximum number of points can vary, but usually 500 points are awarded.

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